What’s with Loofahs Anyway?

What’s with loofahs anyway?

Loofahs are great must-haves. Spice up your day with some extra bath massage and exfoliation needed to keep your body and skin healthy. Just bathe with these goodies and you’ll surely keep the stress and worries at bay!

There are a lot of loofahs out there, made of plastic, wood, stone, or plant fibers. This is why loofahs have hard, moderate, or soft surfaces and “feel” for your liking. Brusybrush Loofah Back Scrubber Belt Brush for men and women has just the right texture for exfoliation and massage. It is the right loofah to improve blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Rubbing skin with this loofah daily is a good practice to enjoy the benefits of detox, exfoliation, massage, and a whole lot more. The best combination ever.

You don’t have to leave some areas untouched anymore. Brusybrush Loofah Back Scrubber Brush is made long to target the back and other hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Its length, 4 x 30 inches, is ideal to exfoliate for back acne and rough and uneven skin tone. Regular loofahs are not designed to scrub your back thoroughly. Now is a good time to shed off dead skin on your back with Brusybrush.

Brusybrush Loofah Back Scrubber Belt Brush’s premium quality bamboo fibers provide necessary friction to the skin. Its texture is perfect for gentle exfoliation without the  annoying skin irritation, cuts, and inflammation. The bamboo fibers soften and get rid of dead skin. Tough love is all that’s needed if you want baby-smooth, even, and thoroughly exfoliated body.

Also, its contoured handles allow you to scrub skin with ease and efficiency.

Brusybrush Loofah Back Scrubber Belt Brush is eco-friendly. It is made of bamboo fibers that effectively lift off dirt and dead skin. If dead skin is left on skin for long, opportunistic acne causing bacteria may invade skin pores at our back and chest area, causing acne and black/white heads. This scrubber belt helps prevent angry red pimples and sores from coming back. Goodbye zits.

Brusybrush Loofah Back Scrubber Belt also gets rid of dead skin that causes dull and uneven skin color. This is also ideal for sun-damaged skin. This loofah encourages skin renewal to even out complexion. You can use it elsewhere too—legs, arms, neck, thigh, etc.

This awesome Loofah Back Scrubber Belt Brush is a special innovation of Brusybrush, creator of awesome bath essentials in the market.

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