What to choose now then? Threading, shaving, or waxing?

We’re lucky we have lots of ways to get rid of facial hair nowadays. We can shave, wax, or thread the hair away hoping to strip and trim the anxiety too. But unwanted hair goes back, even faster than we expect. Some surprises like acne, blackheads, skin darkening, irritation, inflammation, wounds, and all other nasty stuff also appear as we try to deal with unwanted facial hair. We can’t help but feel stuck and unsure of what to do next.

Let’s look at popular options to get rid of facial hair:

  1. Threading

You’d be amazed by people who are a pro at threading hair just with the usual cotton thread for loose buttons. Done mostly in salons, this popular technique seems easy to do at first. Once you have the actual thread on your hands, you’ll realize that threading is not your thing if done DIY. It may take years of practice before one gets to do it just like the pros at the salons. This is why this hair removing technique is paid as high as waxing, even higher actually. This technique requires real hand and eye coordination skills not everyone has.

Threading is considered generally safer than other means because skin irritation and other nasty occurrences are less likely to happen. Why? That’s because threading does not require chemicals to be slathered on skin. This is an advantage because most shaving creams contain ingredients that cause inflammation and the skin irritation. Imagine putting alcohol or menthol on skin? Err on the side of caution.


  1. Shaving

Shaving is one thing you thought of doing. But you probably didn’t push the idea because you imagined blades, cuts, and even ingrown hair. Yes. These things happen when shaving, especially if you are thinking of shaving your most delicate area of skin—face. It is already a big deal that repeated shaving of the underarms causes hyperpigmentation (skin darkening). And now you thought of shaving your face? 

Shaving is a simple procedure unlike threading—but may result in ingrown hair and skin irritation. Ingrown hair even gets more annoying and unappealing when the small premature bump turns into acne or a boil. Nasty things happen when shaving is done incorrectly.

  1. Waxing

Waxing is the fastest way to get rid of facial hair. But waxing has a bad name when it comes to results. Cases of irritation and hypersensitivity happen more likely in waxing, not to mention other unwanted results like an ingrown hairs, rashes, and acne. These happen because the skin reacts adversely with the chemical and mechanical stresses it undergoes. Pains associated with waxing are also prevalent. Extra caution, please.

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