Temporary Tattoo vs. Permanent Tattoo

Sure. You’ll always be amazed by tattoos. But the thing is, you’re scared of committing to having these intricate eye candies on your skin F-O-R-E-V-E-R! You just have a million excuses why you can’t commit to permanently staining your skin. But like many, you still go bananas over them. There’s simply no getting over the thought of having tattoos ASAP sometimes.

If you’re quite apprehensive to get a permanent tattoo, you might want to look at temporary tattoos. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. No obligations whatsoever.

Temporary tattoos are as cool and chic as its clingy counterpart. Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos for women—teens, girls, even grownups—will color and design your skin according to your style.  Designs are carefully selected to fit your modern taste.  The good news is, Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos now let you get your personal style done without worries.  You don’t want to see a dermatologist just to have your permanent tattoos erased, do you?

Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos are the only perfect substitute to permanent tattoos. No self-blaming. Just a quick but lasting memory!

Bellesentails Temporary Tattoos give you a total of six temporary tattoo paper sheets and these lovely designs to die for:

– Rose flowers
– Peacock feather plumes
– Star shapes
– Wings
– Henna inspired patterns
– Tribal patterns

  1. Safer choice. You can’t have permanent tattoos without getting your skin cut, right? If you’re not a big fan of needles and piercing skin until it bleeds, Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos are then a great easy-way-out. While cuts from permanent tattoos take days to be healed and in some cases could get infected or irritated, Bellesentials Temporary Tattoos are left on skin without any drama. No wounds. No irritation, just extremely slight if any (like when you peel tape off your skin)
  1. Glittery. Shiny.

Bellesentials temporary tattoos give you a mix of small and large METALLIC DESIGNS. These shiny and eye-catching designs are perfect for parties, OOTDs, weddings, photo walks, and anything to do with lighting and catching attention. This is the kind of glittery effect on skin you never get from any of those permanent tattoos!

  1. DIY all you can!

When you think of DIYs, you think of two things—price and hands-on experience.

When you choose permanent tattoos, these two things are brought to your attention in a different way. Will it cost me more if I get a permanent tattoo? Will I enjoy bleeding out and quietly screaming in pain?

Bellesentials temporary tattoos simply present an amazing option. You can stay at home and get your tattoos done, BY YOU. You don’t need to call that typical bald tattoo guy to do it for you. You would be naming your price and comfort because you finally agree that you’re not ready to be committed to permanent tattoos anyway. What you’re up to is something temporary. No strings attached. No dramas. AND LOTS OF SELFIES!


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