How to Style and Pamper Hair Like a Pro the Lazy Girl Way

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Hair care can be too much sometimes. Your hair can demand so much attention, conditioning, and styling. But we just don’t have all the time and money in the world. Hair care can be a daunting responsibility.

But don’t you worry too much. Here’s The Lazy Girl to the rescue. She’s THE expert at low-maintenance but sustainable ways for healthy-looking “wow” hair.

Here’re Five weirdly effective hair styling habits every lazy girl knows:

1. DIY Haircutting

Did you know you can just ditch expensive salon hair cut? If you’re planning to get your hair fixed and styled now, wait and pause. Just think of how much money, time, and EFFORT you can save if you just could cut your hair at home.

You can definitely cut and style your hair like a pro with a creaclip and a good pair of scissors. Take note, you’re doing this ON YOUR OWN. That’s the secret every lazy girl has. This DIY haircut is so easy you don’t need to drive to the salon just to line up and wait for hours.

Cool creaclips HERE


This means you can do bangs, layers, bob cut, or any hairstyle at home! Just stand in the mirror and start cutting. Do it the lazy-but-smart way.

2. Dry Shampoo

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“It takes a good bath to have that shiny healthy-looking hair.” Lie. Water temperature and some harsh hair product chemicals can make hair dry and stiff. Shampoos and other hair products can strip off natural oils from hair. It pays when a lazy girl skips shower sometimes–but kinda eews, right? 

Dry shampoo is your best bet. Dry shampoo keeps your hair fragrant. It also controls excess oil that can be mistaken as “tire grease.”

Good dry shampoos add anti-germs ingredients like Tea tree and coconut oil.


You can actually skip shampoo for days and keep hair still smelling fresh all day with dry shampoo. This will prevent hair from getting too greasy while preserving natural oils. 

3. Leave in Conditioner

Now let’s switch to the shampoo counterpart called “conditioners.” Every girl knows that conditioners have a more buttery nourishing effect to hair. But only the lazy girl gets the logic behind leave in conditioners. 

Leave in conditioners allow you to skip the rinsing part. Keep hair protected in a “buttery bubble” all day. Feel the good oils and antioxidants pamper your crowning glory. This no-rinse conditioner saves time. Spray this hair punch while hair is wet and it will seal in moisture. Spray once or twice just when you’re about to leave for work. Easy and amazing!

Recommended leave in conditioners HERE

Keep one for yourself. Leave in conditioners could save you from bad hair days, anytime anywhere. Spray a little and you’re would be fine. 

4. SPF Butter

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When you hear the word “sun,” SPF or Sun Protective Factor should pop into your head. Why? It’s because the sun is your enemy. Your skin and hair are an easy target for its selfish hunt for youth. Sun makes your skin and hair age faster. Hair becomes brittle, dry, and dead. Protect both hair and skin daily with an SPF lotion.

Every lazy girl is smart and resourceful enough. She knows that an SPF lotion can protect hair against UV rays.  Dry summer days, beach outings, and each day under the sun will never be as bad as before. SPF, whatever that means, will do the trick!


You’ll now prevent dry and brittle hair after swimming or camping. Simple trick with great effects. 

5. Spin Pin

Person With Braided HairHair pins are boring but useful–boring unless with interesting colors or designs. Every lazy girl knows the importance of hair pins. It’s a great way to fix hair in no time.

Spin pins are a thing now. If you remember the DNA structure or maybe a metal coil, you’ll know what it looks like and what it can do. Spin pins are perfect for rose buns or that Bohemian crown braid look.

There are a lot of “ridiculously easy hairstyles you can do with spin pins” according to Buzzfeed. These hairstyles appear complicated and “pro,” but they’ll be easy to follow.



This pin is the simplest thing on earth but it brings a whole lot more of excitement and styles. Bohemian look everyday? Why not! 

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