How to Get Rid of Hair Lice? Easy. Just Follow These Steps

Head lice are a common problem among kids and adults. It is a problem that is more likely to bring discomfort than embarrassment. If you or your kids have lice, you would notice an itch-relief cycle after three to six months of infestation. Your head could feel itchy at times and you remedy this by scratching or bathing. But some people recall feeling something crawling on their head, so the itching and creepiness all add up to a disturbed sleeping pattern. Worse, untreated cases of head lice lead to having red angry sores and bumps on the head and neck.

Head lice could turn into a creepy nightmare if left ignored.

3 Steps to Keep Your Family Lice Free

  1. Know the root causes

It is possible to be infested with head lice anywhere. Kids who spend hours at school get lice due to frequent and random interactions with peers. This means your kids could have shared their combs, towels, hats, etc. Touching heads could also be a cause. Teenagers and adults are also at risk as they may also share personal garments or accessories. Sharing pillows, headbands, headsets, etc. are often overlooked causes. 

Awareness is key. It is important that you and your kids know the protocols. Telling your children or siblings not to share personal items with peers can help. Washing hair accessories and garments, bed sheets and pillow cases, or any object that touches hair is a preemptive remedy too. But note that we have limited control over some things—touching heads, forgetting to check headsets, salons or barbershops using their tools on you, etc.

  1. Do-it-yourself. It pays to do so.

There are a lot of creative and promising DIYs out there that could address head lice issues. Coating hair with Mayonnaise is a popular go-to. Head lice shampoos do the trick too. But what`s always sought for is a good tool to physically remove eggs and the creepy crawlers, dead or alive. Combs are a good tool and there are a lot in the market.


METAL NIT AND LICE COMB by Naturelabs          
~MORE TEETH, FASTER TREATMENT: with 33 closely positioned pins allow more coverage of the larger sections of hair. Treatment is far more effective.
~UNIQUE TEETH: Its teeth have stripes going in both directions to scrape more nits and lice. These stripes increase FRICTION to further remove nits and lice sticking to the each hair strand.
~STRONG TEETH: Its teeth are strong metal pieces that grip lice and nits while being gently lifted from the surface.
~TOUGH ON LICE, EASY ON YOUR HAIR: Won’t damage even the finest, most delicate hair. Painless removal of lice and nits. Ideal for kids and adults.
~EASY TO CLEAN: Nonporous stainless steel gives lice and nits no place to hide! Just dip in boiling water for 30 seconds, let cool, and rinse.

But not all combs are made equal like expected. Some deliver, some not.

  1. Ask for help

If any of the above steps don`t work or you feel like there is something more you could do, go to the nearest clinic for help. Doctors have varied understanding of head lice. They could assist in keeping your family safe and lice free.



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