How to Get Awesome Skin All Year Long

Skin needs are changing. It’s a fact that we have to face NOW.

Our skin reacts to weather and climate changes. That’s why we see small (and big) bumps in our faces when summer starts kicking in. We grow more blackheads and whiteheads during winter. We get rashes during spring . We notice better skin during fall (or not?). Skincare may still be a mystery to us, but it wouldn’t hurt to know what your skin needs when seasons change.


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When it’s winter, always remember these words: moisturize and exfoliate

Moisturize: Winter is extremely drying to the skin. Since air lacks moisture during this season, you might want to apply skin products with nourishing ingredients to your skin–especially to your face, lips, and hands. Skin oils like sunflower, jojoba, or rosehip are ideal for sealing in moisture. Glycerin also works amazingly to prevent skin drying in extreme weather conditions. You can find glycerin in the baking section at any grocery!

FUN DIY: Add 95 %WATER + 5% GLYCERIN + spray bottle =Moisturizing Mist!

EXFOLIATION is the best trick to keep skin clear and radiant. Exfoliation encourages skin rejuvenation; further preventing acne, blackheads and/or whiteheads, dark spots, and thickened skin. Winter dries up the skin. It can worsen acne. Exfoliate to help unclog pores and heal the surface. Also, you’ll notice that skin lotions and creams are absorbed easier and much more effective when skin is properly exfoliated.

TIP: Set a dry brush routine and enjoy the amazing benefits of exfoliation, detox, and massage.  Click HERE to know more.


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Spring can bring humidity and sun rays during this time. It can cause some burns and pigmentation. Allergies are also on the rise. Pollen everywhere!

Humid months can be a problem. Acne-prone teens and workaholics grow some pus-filled pimples or blackheads/whiteheads.  Little do we know that acne affects self-esteem.  

Remember this equation for ACNE: oil + stress/hormonal imbalance + bacteria

TIP: Spring brings you more reason to continue exfoliation to unclog pores and normalize skin function. Using topical vitamin A has shown significant results. Salicylic acid and AHAs (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids) are great ingredients to exfoliate skin. Physical exfoliation using skin cleansing brushes also does the trick.

Sunscreens are also important during these months. But most of us choose to ignore this step. UV A and B are still present during cloudy days. These sun rays cause premature aging and damage to skin cells.

Histamines are substances that cause allergies. Being exposed to air filled with free-floating pollen can be difficult. Rashes, eczema, and unlimited itching may affect the skin and can  worsen acne and redness. Inflammation is the culprit. Dabbing calamine lotion, wearing masks, and taking antihistamines would help.


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You know it. Summer brings you heat. You may notice that your skin gets a little too much moisture. Humidity may not suit most skin types. Expect breakouts, sunburn, and a whole lot of drama.

Heat causes increased oil secretion from the pores. Since oil is food for bacteria, you may grow pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads on your delicate face.

It’s best to use oil absorbing sheets or powder to control oil. Oil production left uncontrolled encourages the growth of bacteria and clogging of pores.

TIP #1: Mix water and kaolin or bentonite clay to absorb oil. Clay also soothes inflammation of acne.

TIP  #2: Clean face more thoroughly to remove oil and dirt. Here are some top picks to make sure you’re really cleaning skin:

Dry brush and Electronic Face Brush

Sun is your number 1 enemy. Why? It’s because UV A and B both cause skin darkening and aging. It would be nice to get a tan and have that amazing glow. But the general rule is to avoid UV radiation as it depletes collagen that keeps skin firm. Tanning results in wrinkles and sagging skin. This is why adults at their 30s may look older if they have a habit of skipping sunscreen application 30 to 40 minutes prior to sun exposure. UV rays also darken acne lesions and healing wounds. UV radiation further activates melanin in the healing areas.

TIP #3: Choose sunscreen formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These “physical blockers” are more effective than other sunscreen actives like avobenzone and the like.

TIP #4: To manage acne while protecting skin from UV rays, avoid sunscreen with oils, fragrance, and alcohol.


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Fall is a bit like winter. Moisturize and Exfoliate to protect skin from dryness and acne. Relax, keep skin hydrated, and stay protected from the sun.

As mentioned, a good moisturizer will save you from dry skin. What keeps your skin looking beautiful is moisture! Pick a moisturizer loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants like vitamin C will maintain normal skin functioning, preventing acne, dark spots, and inflammation. There would be tons of moisturizers out there but only pick those with little to no fragrance.

TIP # 1: Fragrance will irritate skin. Avoid any product that lists fragrance/parfum especially on top of the ingredient list.

TIP # 2: Avoid those with non-fatty alcohols. Non-fatty alcohols dry and irritate the skin. You wouldn’t want wrinkles and breakouts to ruin your perfect season, do you?

Exfoliation is really what you skin need. You can opt for chemical exfoliation from Salicylic Acid and AHA. These are as good as physical brushes like these.

Facial Brush Set

Facial Brush Set

Electric Face Brush

TIP # 3: Whatever you feel like doing to exfoliate, remember to pace yourself and not overdo it. Chemical exfoliants like BHA and AHA can irritate skin when applied too much. It may be good to start with an electronic brush or dry brush to get just the right amount of exfoliation needed.

TIP # 4: Protect skin as much from the sun by wearing sunblock! Always the rule in exfoliation–sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! Choose a sunblock with antioxidants to double its effect. Research shows that vitamin C is a good pair for sunblock actives!

We all want good skin every day!

Just remember to add amazing know-hows like these to your everyday skin routine.

It’ll be worth it!

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