How To Boost Your Confidence When You Smile

Flashing a smile is a gesture that can mean so much in a social environment. A full, confident, open smile has a warmth that projects positivity. It fosters friendship and establishes relationships. When you feel insecure and restrained from smiling because of stained teeth, something doesn’t feel right.

These days, this need not happen because there are many ways to whiten your teeth. Best of all you don’t even need to pay the expense of a dentist visit – but now you can use professional dental techniques in your own home.

how to boost your confidence when your smile

The benefit of teeth whitening procedures cannot be discounted. Teeth Whitening products such as the DentalCos Professional Teeth Whitening Kit offer to whiten your teeth in just a few sessions.

Flashing a genuine smile has numerous benefits.You can now talk, laugh or sing without any hint of restraint or tentativeness. With your new smile, you can get out of your shell and get your share of opportunities bravely, confidently, ink contracts, gain more friends, get popular, be happier.

Are You A Likely Candidate For A Bright, White Smile?

If you have tried other whitening solutions and they failed for any reason, then you are a candidate for the DentalCos Professional treatment. If you have teeth restorations such as veneers or your have been bonded, home solutions can’t do their magic.

If the staining is internal, or is developmental in origin, if you have hypersensitive teeth, pregnant or nursing, you need to look for other options.  For most people, DentalCos light activated whitening is a great way to go.

Whichever type of treatment you use you should check with your dentist before starting because if you have exiting problems with your teeth you may cause yourself pain and damage when using any whitening treatment. In addition, if you have your teeth cleaned and tartar removed the whitening process will work much better as the plaque on your teeth will not prevent the peroxide gel from reaching the surfaces of your teeth.

What Makes Dentalcos Whitening So Good?

In short because the kit lets you do, in your own home, the same kind of whitening treatment that, until recently, only your dentist or teeth whitening specialists could offer.

If you’ve already tried whitening pastes, or teeth whitening strips then you probably know how ineffective they are – almost always a waste of time and money. You try the latest product and end up disappointed …again. These ‘toys’ are not up to the quality of a professional grade whitening system.

Now, here’s something that can get the job done, restore that gleaming smile to your face and it does so by bringing the techniques used by your dentist into your own home and at a fraction of the dentist’s price.

Cindy Smith a happy shopper from Amazon wrote recently:
“I have paid $200 at my local dentist for a take home whitening kit, nearly identical to this one and I got much better results with this set!”

There’s a good reason for her happiness – The gel used in the kit uses carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth with a concentration of 44% which is the highest available. Carbamide peroxide is used because it is more gentle on your gums than hydrogen peroxide. That means you get high quality results with less discomfort – that’s a win/win for your smile and your peace of mind!

Another buyer, ‘Mothernature’ said: “…now I don’t have to spend a super high price at the dentist. Now I just do it myself at home! This comes with instructions, a top and bottom mouth tray, a LED light to speed up the process.”

The LED light that Mothernature mentioned is important because it makes all the difference to the quality of your treatment. Many people call this procedure ‘laser whitening’ even though lasers are not used in the process.

Light-activated teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental whitening procedures these days. Based on the use of a beam of special light on those dental parts that are desired to get whiter it works faster than any other method.

Most people who want their teeth to gleam in as short a time as possible choose this over other procedures. Until recently these treatments were only available in a dental practice but now DentalCos, using a bright LED UV light, accelerates the whitening process giving an improvement of as much as 5 shades whiter in just 7 days.

Get The Best From Your New Smile

To get the best from your teeth whitening experience here’s a couple of pointers to consider:

Like many things were do, there’s such as a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’ so don’t keep on repeating the bleaching process and making it into a habit. White teeth are great but over use of whitening can cause problems of sensitivity due to damage caused by over frequent use of the whitening process. Using a system that gives a good quality result with very few treatments is a way to avoid this problem – simply put, if you get the job done right in the first place you will not need to repeat the process over and over again – as is the case with toothpastes, strips and mouthwashes. Buyers of the DentalCos system report only needing 2 or 3 treatments to restore their teeth to the color they wanted.

When choosing your teeth whitening product look for one that uses mouth trays that are molded to your own teeth. DentalCos supply a special mold that fits exactly to your teeth so that the peroxide gel stays in contact with your teeth and not on your gums or tongue.

How important is teeth whitening to you? If you want whiter teeth, make a habit of keeping hygienic dental practices. If you learnt about dental care late in your life, it is not too late. Take care of your teeth with daily brushing and flossing, regular dental checkups and now, with DentalCos, you can keep your smile as bright as you feel! There’s more information about getting the smile you deserve: 



Try DentalCos Whitening Kit! You’ll love it.





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