Dry Brushing? Why try?

What exactly is dry brushing? Before knowing what it is, we should all agree that our body rituals change just like our notion of—that cliché word—B.E.A.U.T.Y. We now focus on health and well-being as a prerequisite to being pretty, manly, or whole. We feel good that society now celebrates health and wellness as an end-goal to being pretty. And dry brushing is the newest addition to the many rituals we wish to enjoy for health and wellness’ sake.  

Dry brushing is a simple body massage. Yes. A brush could do the trick BUT could do even more than that—4 things:

  1. Manage cellulite problems. Bye fat thighs, arms, etc.!

    Dry brush with BRUSYBUSH!!!
    Dry brush with BRUSYBUSH!!!

Dry brushing helps in driving fat deposits away from our bodies. Constant brush stokes to the skin signal our lymphatic system—our body’s “recycle bin manager”—to get rid of fat FASTER. Wow. Just brush the fat away. We should have known this secret decades ago.

Our “lumpies” gradually shrink by simple brushing. Arms, legs, thighs, etc. are the common spots you wish you didn’t have to hide. Although, an entire game plan with dieting and exercise (wanna go bowling?) involved are worth trying too.

  1. Have that glow. Skin is an asset.

Exfoliation is the name of the game. If you haven’t heard/read this term on TV ads, blogs, and from the tiny fonts on your facial cleanser bottles, maybe your skin has missed a LOT of the good stuff.

 A dry brush is a good “exfoliant” to bring out a young glow.  Your skin replenishes better when you brush off the dead (and darkened) skin cells. But gentle is another word to remember. Be careful not to scrape your skin.

Exfoliating the body and face helps clear acne, brighten dark spots (elbows problem too), and polish the surface. Dry brushing is a powerful and gentle tool to peel off dead skin.

  1. Let toxins out!

Remember that health is wealth? And being healthy is pretty too, right? Dry brushing encourages our lymphatic system to deal with wastes like a pro. The nerves under our skin are stimulated when we dry brush. Excess and foreign substances in our body collected by our lymph nodes are drained from the body easier (lymphatic drainage).

Doctors know and do better. But it feels good that you can also look after your heath just by simple tricks like this; no matter how awkward you seem at first. This is how you empower yourself with DIY health stuff.

  1. Firm the skin

Firm skin tells us youth. Dry brushing makes skin firm and supple. Collagen and constant stimulation to the skin are responsible in promoting young skin. That’s why scrubbing and massages are popular nowadays. Dry brushing firms the skin without those micro cuts we get from abrasive face and body scrubs. Why scrape skin with shredded shells, pointed beads, salts, etc.? These micro cuts can leave the skin infected and inflamed. The old ways of scrubbing should be forgotten.

These 4 are priceless takeaways we should all know. Dry brushing is not just a trend in beauty rituals. It’s a scientific miracle!

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