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What is the full list of ingredients of Natural Leave in Conditioner Spray Hair Products (Luxquisite)

Are you exposed under the sun or dry air that can dry and damage your hair because you spend a lot of time outdoors for work and leisure? Or your hair are damaged because of different chemicals you are putting in your hair? Or you’re hair is damaged because of different hair styles you do? […]

Can you use natural leave in conditioner spray hair products on bonded hair extensions?

Have you ever tried to put a hair extensions in your hair but you’re not sure on the different products you can put in your hair? There are many different prouduct you can use but you should know how to choose the best products that suits in your hair. We need to experiment and research […]

What to choose now then? Threading, shaving, or waxing?

We’re lucky we have lots of ways to get rid of facial hair nowadays. We can shave, wax, or thread the hair away hoping to strip and trim the anxiety too. But unwanted hair goes back, even faster than we expect. Some surprises like acne, blackheads, skin darkening, irritation, inflammation, wounds, and all other nasty […]