7 Benefits of the New Bellesentials Electronic Facial Brush

Electric Face BrushSeptember 2016–Bellesentials is excited to announce another addition to its lineup of adorable products. Bellesentials launches Electronic Facial Brush with 7 Heads, a multi-function cleaning tool that does most of the job. Known for making quality and affordable products, Bellesentials ventures in exploring many possibilities in skincare. Could soap alone do the job of cleaning skin? Is your skin getting most from your face creams? These are the most basic questions Bellesentials seeks to answer.

Electronic Facial Brush with 7 Heads works powerfully to maintain healthy skin balance. Day-to-day stress, pollution, toxins, and aging makes skin look wrinkled, dry, and dull. Adding Bellesentials Electronic Facial Brush can significantly change the appearance of skin.

Expect at least 7 things after regular use:

1. Proper exfoliation

    See skin glow with every use of Microdermabrasion Brush Head to diminish darks spots and prevent pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Made gentle, Bellesentials uses microdermabrasion technology to thoroughly de-clog pores and remove dead skin buildup.

    2. Pore minimizing

    Pores become visible and clog overtime because of oil buildup. Gentle Cleansing Brush Head and  Microdermabrasion Brush Head shrink pore size through scrubbing oil, makeup, and dirt from the surface. Gentle exfoliation also helps in clearing dead skin on the pore lining. This is how Bellesentials define “deep cleaning.

    3. Massage

    The best treatment you can give yourself is massage. Massage encourages good blood circulation that results in better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Massage the face with Face Sponge and Roller Massage heads. Then, give your eyes a relaxing massage with Latex Sponge Head.

    4. Detox

    “Detox” is a popular term that simply means get rid of bad chemicals. Pollution, diet, cosmetics, and household products are primary sources of toxins. Bellesentials thought of adding detox to your everyday skin cleaning routine by effectively stimulating lymph fluids. Helping lymph fluids flow better makes lymphatic drainage, the body’s detox process, a lot thorough.

    5. Anti-aging

    Treating wrinkles, dry and sagging skin, and age spots can be a challenge. Expensive jars and treatments can bring results at a cost. Try Bellesentials Latex Sponge, Roller Massage, and Latex Sponge heads to effectively stimulate collagen production. Reduce the appearance of fine lines while keeping skin moisturized and clear.

    6. Thorough cleaning

    Skin that is left unclean clog pores and cause breakouts. Ordinary cleansers leave oil and dirt on the surface. Clean skin deeply with Bellesentials Electronic Brush heads to prevent acne, especially on your T-zone.

    7. Increased skin product absorption

    Dead skin build up makes absorption of your skincare products a lot harder. This is the main reason why your expensive skin products are not working or taking time to take effect. Exfoliating skin with Bellesentials Electronic Brush heads help the natural renewal of skin cells on the surface. Double the value of your money for skincare and expect better results when you exfoliate the Bellesentials way!

    Bonus 1: Bellesentials adds something for all the nail polish queens out there! Now you can polish and shape nails easier with Hand and Nail Polishing Head. Make nails look pretty with this innovative feature.

  1. Bonus 2: Have a spa day with Bellesentials Pumice Stone Head. Exfoliate even the thickest skin of your body. Polish up cracked and callused feet. Removing dead skin from your feet may further prevent athlete’s foot.
  2. Amazing!

    Skin issues are now easier to deal with. Bellesentials brings this amazing electronic brush that not only cleans skin but also pampers skin deep within.

    This amazing product is not like most electronic dry brushes in the market. You get 7 Electronic Brush Heads in 1, unlike popular brands. Plus, you get the convenience of cleaning the skin with its cordless body and adjustable speed buttons. This portable and easy-to-use electronic brush is perfect for on-the-go traveling!

    Bellesentials Electronic Facial Brush is sold on Amazon with exciting discounts. A 30-day money back guarantee awaits you upon purchase to ensure quality.

    Order one now HERE http://bit.ly/2cCNcMF  or visit Bellesentials pages 

    Embrace your new skin!

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