3 Tips to Level Up Your Teeth Whitening Routine

  1. New beats old.

Admit it. You’ve tried a lot to whiten your stained teeth. You’ve probably got hooked with teeth whitening commercials that led you to spend quite a lot. But teeth whitening is not just a hit-and-miss game. You’ve got to toss away the old ways and keep on discovering new and innovative approaches to teeth whitening.

If the old-school toothpastes work to whiten teeth, we probably wouldn’t see anyone trying DIY teeth whiteners. If the expensive apply-at-home toothpastes, serum, or strips really work, why do dentists still offer bleaching as an oddly expensive treatment?

The truth is yellow teeth, regardless of how “severity,” could be addressed in many ways. But we can’t expect great results all the time. It’s a must choose well-formulated products and highly innovative techniques to ensure effectiveness.    

  1. Cost-effective

Teeth whitening treatments are priced at a spectrum. And it’s a must to acknowledge that less expensive treatments can be more effective than the pricey ones. Choose a value-driven teeth whitening product that’s affordable and able to deliver results the way you want it to.

Placebo effect is common in the conversation of teeth whitening. Know that placebo products is an absolute waste of money and time. If you are not sure about what your teeth whitening products do to your stained teeth, check the ingredients list and start researching. You’ll find out that there are a lot of other ingredients and products that can be less if not as expensive but could deliver overwhelming and satisfying results.

Wise spending!

  1. Results guaranteed

When you buy a product, do you get a guarantee of return and refund if you feel unsatisfied for some reason? Money back guarantees are important to ensure quality. If your teeth whitening products don’t offer money back guarantees, that’s when you should track back and reflect.

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Here’s a teeth whitener that bring real RESULTS and VALUE 


  • POWERFUL MINI LIGHT TECHNOLOGY WITH 5 LEDs: Unique technology to speed up teeth whitening. Acts as a catalyst for teeth whitening gel. See instant results in 7 DAYS.     

teeth whitening kit

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE TEETH WHITENING KIT Includes 3 syringes of 44% Carbamide Peroxide gel (the same treatment sold by dentists)!teeth whitening gel

teeth whitening uv light

  • SHADE METER—Monitor progress! Your ultimate goal is to reach the LIGHTEST shade in a span of weeks.teeth whitening kit
  • 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.                                                      teeth whitening kit

Dentalcos Teeth Whitening Set is a premium brand with an advanced formulation. Dentalcos offers money back guarantee as a seal of quality and faith in delivering promised results. As early as days, this teeth whitening set can change the shade of your teeth dramatically.

Dentalcos teeth whitening is as good as the professional bleaching treatments done by dentists. Now, you can skip dentist appointments and bleach teeth safely at the comfort of your home.  

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