3 Hidden Reasons Why Your Lice Treatments Dont Work

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Hey, moms! Head lice should be the least of your worries. These parasites have no place in your household. But why does it feel that your efforts are put to waste? You may have tried to get rid of lice with shampoos and hair treatments but lice still come back on your kids’ (and your) hair like any nasty parasite.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. There’s something wrong with your lice treatment
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Head lice can develop resistance to over-the-counter lice treatments like shampoos and sprays. Head lice must be treated with a combination of treatments especially for moderate and severe cases of lice infestation.

In the US alone, head lice are known to be resistant to common treatments used by parents and doctors for years. Scientists have realized recently that head lice have developed resistance to permethrin, one of the many ingredients for lice treatment (source).

What to do:

Read the labels. Be sure to scan the long list of ingredients on every lice shampoo before going to the counter. Well-formulated lice shampoos must contain a combination of active ingredients like ivermectin, malathion, benzyl alcohol, or spinosad. Head lice treatments with two or more active repellents are noted to be more effective.

Use one product at a time BUT make sure to switch brands every now and then. This will prevent resistance to any of your treatments. Don’t let lice outsmart you.

2. The eggs are still there!
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Head lice nits (eggs) are usually mistaken as dandruff and can seem harmless. But these white dots on your kids’ hair are tricky. Focus on getting rid of these eggs.

A female louse can lay about 6 nits daily. And it only takes 9-10 days for nits to mature and turn into an adult creepy crawler (source). If your kids have about 10 adult female lice, then do the math and you’ll see how many lice could there be in each month.

These cunning lice attach eggs firmly to hair strands. This makes it difficult to remove nits even with the strongest chemical treatment. This means it’s quite urgent to remove nits as soon. You wouldn’t want head lice to rule over your kids’ health.

TIP: Use a special comb to remove nits. Natuerlabs Metal Nit & Lice Comb boosts the effect of shampoo treament.

Product Features:

-Lice comb grips nits, larvae and adult lice and lifts them away to prevent re-infestation and successfully treat lice

-With stripes going in both directions along each stainless steel tooth, this head lice comb can capture more nits and lice to help you clear up lice

-Metal lice comb has 33 closely positioned pins, more than most competitors! This makes treatment more effective and allows you to comb larger sections of hair to speed up treatment

-Head lice comb won’t damage even the finest, most delicate hair. Painless lice comb design is great for kids & adults alike

-Nonporous stainless steel gives lice and nits no place to hide! Just place in boiling water for 30 seconds, let it cool to room temperature and rinse to get the comb ready for next time

Check out Natuerlabs Metal Nit & Lice Comb HERE.

3. Be consistent
We can never be sure if kids understand the danger of the situation. Parents are then encouraged to help them understand the importance of complying with their lice treatment. Taking baths with kids, verbal reminders, and frequent visits to the doctor are some ways to help children stick to the treatment until it’s done.

Consistency applies to all skin treatments. Regular and correct shampoo use and nits extraction (by a special comb) will go a long mile. Skipping treatment will aggravate the problem, allowing more lice to lay eggs that eventually turn into adult lice.

Manage lice issues at home now! Natuerlabs promises to be a helpful partner in busting lice. #NoMoreLice

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