Unwanted hair? Not a problem.

We’ve all experience unwanted hair. Tried razors, shaving creams, name every old-school trick! We got so familiar with these remedies yet still seek for better alternatives. Good news! Lucson Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer finally knocks on your doorstep.

If you can`t help but to look at that bunch of long, thick, and dark hair oozing from your nose, then it`s time for a trim. You could use scissors, puller, and even your bare hands.  But the ONLY easy way to trim is by using an electronic trimmer. Lucson Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer sets the bar high as it eliminates possibilities of making cuts in your nose with scissors. No more screaming in pain after manually (and desperately) plucking nose hair. OUCH!

Lucson Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer is designed to safely trim hair without leaving cuts. Its sharp blades could be drawn close to the insides of your nose to get rid of your nose hair instantly. If scissors are still your option, you will need good lighting and steady hands to trim without accidents. Nose and ear infections are closely related to the cuts you get from these scissors. It is best to disinfect scissors or similar tools to prevent this from happening.

Lucson Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer is ideal for those who are in the rush. Its vaulted design makes no cuts to the skin and can trim the hard to reach areas of the nose and ears. You can trim nose hair anywhere anytime. Lucson is a handy tool you can bring on any occasion—vacation, office, business trips, etc.

Lucson Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer blades easily trim hair. Its powerful stainless blades remain sharp and durable after many uses. It could trim ear and nose hair within seconds.

Unlike the old plucking technique, Lucson brings ease when trimming. Plucking can make your eyes tear in pain. But if it is your only option, know that plucking can cause ingrown hair. Imagine red pimple-like bumps inside your nose. Yes, plucking may cause hair to be trapped beneath the superficial layer of the skin. Plucking can disturb the natural and timely penetration of hair follicle through the skin.

Now you know the risks of old-school, ordinary, and not-so-safe nose hair trimming. It`s time to look neat and choose a safer choice. Lucson will deliver that promise through the years.

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