How To Do An Effective Combing Technique To Remove All Your Head Lice

Do you want to remove all your head lice? I know it’s very annoying because it’s itchy and irritating when you have a lot of head lice and nits growing in your hair. If you will not remove them, it will multiply in your hair and it’s very hard to remove if you will not prevent Removing your head lice and nits takes a lot of patient and practice by using the right product. From the right lice comb to the correct technique, these tips and tricks to ridding your children of head lice will save you time and money.

Now here is the professional who are doing it for 9 years when it come to removing head lice. They trained hundreds of technician and they’re doing it for so doing that they found the best way to treat any kind of lice treatment. They found this kind of combing very detailed with the use of a great product and will definitely eradicate your lice.

These are the things you need when removing a head lice, keep yourself ready by preparing it:

-You need a big and small comb to start combing your narrows and tangle hair,

-Clips for your hair

-Head lice comb

-Cream conditioner (any kind of conditioner will work)


-Water spray


Now let’s start doing this in your hair, just follow the instructions.

To understand more of this instruction, you can watch the video to follow the step by step procedure on how to do it in actual. While watching it, you can also do it in actual and apply it instantly.

Use the clips to clip your hair to make it easy for you to comb your hair and remove your head lice eggs while using head lice comb. After you clip your hair, make a nice section in your hair and divide it so you can comb it easily. Take a section in your hair that you will comb then put some cream conditioner. Use a headline comb then get a part of your hair then comb it from your scalp and then you flip the hair over and you twist with your wrist then comb it from the end of your hair away from you.

After you follow the instructions, you can repeat it again in your hair until you remove and get all the head lice in your hair. While doing it, be patient and do it regularly or everyday so you can instantly remove all your head lice and prevent it to multiply.

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