How To Apply A Gorgeous Body Art In Just A Minute

Do you want a nice tattoo design in your body but you don’t want a permanent tattoo? Do you want to look sexy and add mystique and set you apart from the crowd without experiencing pain and undergoing the needle to get the look of a tattoo? Temporary tattoo is an alternative for you to make a beautiful and attractive design in different parts of your body that you want to put on.

You don’t need to use harmful tattoo that can infect your skin because some of the permanent tattoo are has a risk and some may not be good for your skin. It can cause skin infections, scarring, skin discoloration, allergic reactions to temporary and permanent tattoo inks, infections such as HIV and hepatitis due to re-use of needles, blood thinners and other various side effects that can harm your skin.

You don’t have to risk your health for that just to have a nice look in your skin. You have an options and alternative to be more creative and have an amazing look on your skin.

I’ve noticed, some of the girls out there who are attracted to put a different and unique designs to put on their body and it’s a big trend today that adults wanted to use. I thought that it’s on for the kids but also the teens and adults wants to try it because it looks nice, fun, attractive and young at heart kind of look.

In temporary tattoo, there are a lot of different designs that look like real jewelry or accessories. You can even get noticed easily. They have gold and silver that is very classic looking, they are really attractive and eye catching once it is on the skin.


How To Apply A Temporary Tattoo In Your Skin In Just A Minute And Very Easy Steps

Just choose a design that you want, you can get our designs at amazon or you can visit our blog here to choose a different designs.

The first step is to get a scissor and cut into small parts that you desire to put in your skin. Then peel off the clear plastic in the temporary tattoo and put it in the skin that you wanted to be at then get a piece of wet damped cloth or sponge and apply a pressure on the piece of cloth, hold it in 15-20 seconds. After 15-20 seconds, remove the paper on your skin and your already have a beautiful tattoo in your skin. I love it because this is really looks cute! You can put it on your face, neck as your necklace, wrist to make a bracelet tattoo or  in your hands, foreamr, arm and dress up your ankle or leg, and they will not notice that this is not a real thing.

Enjoy using with our Bellessential Sexy Temporary Tattoo Set! You can choose different designs you can use to have a gorgeous body art and not worrying about the pain or making a permanent commitment to a graphic.

Add some shimmer in your skin with metallic glitter gold and silver tattoos look elegant and will have everyone noticing you, our sexy temporary tattoos are made from premium materials, making them very long lasting, guarantee to stick, waterproof and capable of looking brand new for up to 5 days.

You’ll find a total of six temporary tattoo paper sheets with a mix of large and small metallic tattoo designs. The temporary tattoos include silver and gold styles with an eye-catching glitter finish. Each sheet measures 6 inches by 8 inches in size. Among on the sheets are:
– Rose flowers
– Peacock feather plumes
– Star shapes
– Wings
– Henna inspired patterns
– Tribal patterns
– Much more

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