Head Lice Emergency!!! What to do?

Head lice generally bring discomfort, shame, and worries. Sharing towels, pillow, headsets, headband, combs, etc. can get you in danger. Your kids are an easy target too as they tend to be less cautious and self-aware.

Serious cases of head lice are more than urban legends. Head lice and nits also cause embarrassment and exclusion from a group. Visit www.headlice.org and be aware that head lice present serious issues on self-esteem too. If left untreated, head lice can lead to skin infections, sleepless nights, and a vicious itch-relief cycle.

Using a metal comb is one effective way to eliminate head lice. Natuerlabs Metal Nit and Lice Comb removes your worries as it physically sifts through hair strands.

Metal Nit & Lice Comb - Safely & Easily Removes Nits & Head Lice with 33 Double Stripe Pins - More Effective Louse Removal Than Single Stripe Combs. The Best Head Lice Treatment on the Market!

DON’T LET NITS LINGER Lice comb grips nits, larvae, and adult lice and lifts them away to prevent re-infestation and successfully treat lice

MOST EFFECTIVE METAL LICE COMB ON THE MARKET With stripes going in both directions along each stainless steel tooth, this head lice comb can capture more nits and lice to help you clear up infestations in record time

MORE TEETH FOR FASTER TREATMENT Metal lice comb has 33 closely positioned pins, more than most competitors! This makes treatment more effective and allows you to comb larger sections of hair to speed up treatment

TOUGH ON LICE, EASY ON YOUR TRESSES Head lice comb won’t damage even the finest, most delicate hair. Painless lice comb design is great for kids & adults alike

EASY TO CLEAN Nonporous stainless steel gives lice and nits no place to hide! Just place in boiling water for 30 seconds, let it cool to room temperature and rinse to get the comb ready for next time


Remember that head lice can be managed given the right opportunities. With good products and tools at hand, head lice and nits will hardly ever be your problem again.

Metal combs are best at physically lifting off nits and lice from the surface hair. Metal combs would complement existing head lice treatment and course of action. Lice Shampoos work best when there is a regular physical collection of head lice and nits.

Kids would love to play and not worry too much about their head lice. Parents would also love to see their kids free from these insidious parasites. With Natuerlabs Metal Nits and Lice Comb, itching and skin infections are guaranteed manageable even if lice treatment regimen is done at home.

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