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How To Stop Your Partner (And Yourself) From Snoring

Snoring is a health risk. That’s a fact. Snoring causes inconvenience to your well-being–and to your partner’s sleep patterns. There’s no denying that snoring connotes stress to you and to your partner. There are around 90 million American adults who snore (source). You may be one of them. Among those in their 30s, 30% snore regularly. […]

How to Style and Pamper Hair Like a Pro the Lazy Girl Way

Hair care can be too much sometimes. Your hair can demand so much attention, conditioning, and styling. But we just don’t have all the time and money in the world. Hair care can be a daunting responsibility. But don’t you worry too much. Here’s The Lazy Girl to the rescue. She’s THE expert at low-maintenance […]

Raise Hope! Amazing ways to Banish Keratosis Pilaris Now

  We may feel frustrated when dealing with skin tags like “chicken skin.” But there are a few simple things you can do about it. There’s hope!  Learn the basics Keratosis Pilaris (KP). This is a fancy term for a skin condition that looks like “chicken skin.” It affects the face, arms, legs, buttocks, and chest. […]

6 Frequently Asked Questions on Dry Brushing and Cellulite

Dry brushing may be the weirdest thing you can possibly do to reduce cellulite. But this technique is also the easiest and the cheapest out there. Could dry brushing really make a difference? Today’s Trend—simply brush off cellulite? Here are some questions to spin the conversation. How does it work? Think detox and lymph nodes. […]

How To Boost Your Confidence When You Smile

Flashing a smile is a gesture that can mean so much in a social environment. A full, confident, open smile has a warmth that projects positivity. It fosters friendship and establishes relationships. When you feel insecure and restrained from smiling because of stained teeth, something doesn’t feel right. These days, this need not happen because […]