6 Reasons Why NOW is a Good Time for Scrubbing!

Why do men and women enjoy scrubbing? There’s no exact answer and it’s more than a feeling actually. Below are some legit reasons WHY EXFOLIATING IS GOOD .

1. You are not dead. Scrub off the dead skin.

Eeeew, right? But if you think the worst scene is flaking skin? No. The worst is not shedding skin at all! Exfoliating the skin actually removes dull and flaky skin. Scrubbing off dead skin makes room for new skin to resurface. I bet you’d choose to see the “eeeews” come off than your old dull “canvass” in pictures.

2. You want better blood circulation

Yes. That’s a need you never acknowledged until now (or later). People spend so much on spa massage yet don’t realize that scrubbing is a massage in itself. Your loofah or skin brush—your bath buddy—is massaging you gently to improve blood circulation.


Now you know why bathing with loofah and skin brush makes you EXTRA relaxed. #zenfeels

3. Your acne has gone worse

Zits? Back acne? These are annoying skin tags that need a combination of tricks for treatment. One trick is exfoliation. Your derma tells you that oil + bacteria + dead skin = acne. Scrubbing and other means can take away dead skin from that horrible equation. Boom! One down.

4. You want your lotions/creams to work better

Dead skin cells are more like wrappers that hide the younger skin surface. Imagine if you slather cream/lotion on, do you think all ingredients would sip in? Your derma would probably say no. A little exfoliation would do the trick to help active ingredients reach the deepest skin layer possible. Exfoliation—your simple daily loofah bath—is a great way to see RESULTS from that expensive skin jam!

5. You miss your smooth baby bum skin

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We all had better skin—only when we were way younger. Yes. No time machine yet, so stick to status quo. We rely on expensive creams, lotions, pills, and even surgery. Now I guess you’re hoping your birthday dress isn’t as sun-damaged and rough now as it was before.

But thanks to simple tools like loofahs and brushes, you now could do something without spending much. I know you’d love to save that penny for your lotions.

6. You simply want a reward after the long week

A good bath is the best thing in the world. It’s all you need to end your busy week, right? Add spice to your weekly spa day and make these loofahs and brushes count. These are worth investments anyway.

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