5 Pointers in Dealing with Teeth Stains

You may need to give a little more attention to your teeth after reading this article. Find out why and start implementing changes NOW.

Below is a compilation of reasons why your teeth has aged and changed color over the years without noticing.

  1. Poor dental health

Plaque buildup is one common reason for unusually yellow teeth. This buildup can be a reflection of your dental health. Brushing twice daily may be enough to control bacteria buildup in your mouth but just to make sure, try brushing three times daily. Remember that constant yet gentle physical removal of plaque is the first step to address yellow teeth stains.

What toothbrush do you use? Do you brush your teeth thoroughly? These are the questions we never ask when backtracking some reasons for stained teeth. It’s altogether important to choose the right toothbrush—you would need a toothbrush dedicated to remove plaque. Some toothbrushes have rubber edges and softer or harder bristles. These are all good for teeth. Just remember not to purchase toothbrush with bristles that are too soft for cleaning.

Brushing thoroughly is another important factor to consider. Food particles cause tooth decay so make sure to brush teeth front-to-back. It is best to take your time in brushing to cover every corner. Remember that food particles easily get trapped in between teeth and could be difficult to remove. The gray decayed spots on your front teeth may have resulted from food particles. 

  1. Not brushing the right away

It is ideal to brush teeth right after eating to prevent food particles from accumulating bacteria and releasing teeth dissolving substances. But this practice is even more important to prevent teeth staining food from reacting with teeth enamel. Coffee, chocolate, tea, mustard, and other all-time favorites stain teeth unknowingly. It is then reasonable to brush teeth right after eating as a preemptive move.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is the common reason why some have teeth that change from yellow to dark yellow to light green to gray. In fact, smoking also discolors the lips and gums. It is best to counter teeth stains by undergoing some teeth whitening treatments. Although, dentists offer these treatments at a fairly expensive price. Some opt to address the issue with proper and regular brushing.

  1. Not taking care of the “pulp”

Dentists say that teeth discoloration could also be caused by trauma. Simple accidents that affect the “pulp” of the teeth may cause disturbance to the enamel thus causing stains. Err to the side of caution and make sure your teeth are safe from grinding, corrosive substances, physical blows, and the like.  

  1. Fluoride

Dentists are now looking at the impact of fluoride to our teeth. It is generally advised to rinse teeth well with water to remove a significant amount of fluoride found in toothpastes and similar products.   

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