4 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Clean Your Face

1. Choosing the wrong cleanser

The right cleanser should always be gentle. Gentle means not having any skin irritant.

Skin irritation is a bad skin experience. It goes unnoticed sometimes and will most likely cause some breakouts and redness.

When you see products with alcohols (isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, etc.), don’t ever walk them to the cash counter. Alcohol can irritate skin without you knowing. Do away with fragrant skin cleansers also. Fragrance, whether synthetic or plant-derived/”natural,” irritate and dry skin. Even sweet smelling pleasant things can cause redness, inflammation, and angry pimples. Choose nothing but a liquid cleanser instead of bar soaps. Bar soaps tend to irritate and dehydrate skin due to its major component–sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

TIP: Read the labels. Take note, irritating ingredients listed on top of the list will more likely result in more irritation. The ingredient list is listed according to percentage concentration.

2. Overdoing

Just don’t over-clean and your life will be much easier. Overdoing means cleaning more than twice. Just clean your skin morning and evening and you’d be fine.

When you overdo cleaning, skin gets a lot drier than usual. Dehydration makes it impossible for skin to function normally. Skin repairs are at a sudden halt. It also weakens skin’s capacity to exfoliate and fight irritation.

3. Underdoing

Some people find pleasure in not washing their face ever. This could be okay for those who have a good set of genes and those who don’t ever breakouts. But for most of us, irregular skin cleansing can result in stubborn blackheads and pimples.

There is an added benefit to washing face aside from getting the oil and gunk off the surface. Washing hydrates skin. This helps skin function normally.

TIP: Wash your face regularly at least once a day. Drag yourself to wash even if you’re lazy. Remember, sleeping on your make-up may worsen your acne.

4. Extreme temperatures

“When washing face, should the water be hot or cold?”

ANSWER: Tepid water is best for our skin, not too hot, not too cold. Don’t ever believe people when they tell you hot or cold will open or close pores. The “benefits” of extreme temperatures are just temporary anyway. Skin tightens and may seem that pores will be closed for good. This tightening effect wears off in minutes. Washing with extreme temperatures puts skin on chaos. Hot or cold temperatures can irritate the skin. This results in dryness and inflammation. Oh no.


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