3 Things You Should Know About Face Waxing

Unwanted facial hair is a problem common to men and women. And, razor blades and shaving creams are now a thing of the past. We are now more open to face waxing as this claims more lasting results. But is face waxing always good for skin? Below are three points to examine:

  1. Redness Alert: inflammation and its other mean cousins

Redness is a sign of underlying skin irritation. Numerous sources claim that facial waxing can irritate skin and cause inflammation. Breakouts, blistered appearance, and pus-filled bumps are also associated with this inflammation.

Tip: Try to avoid facial waxing if skin is known to react badly to pressure and acne. It is also best to avoid waxing if you recently had these: diamond peel, chemical peels, and topical alpha hydroxyl or beta hydroxyl acid, retinoid, and other peeling agents.

  1. Ouch button default ON

Facial waxing is not an exemption to that stinging pain. Imagine pulling out hair in the face all at once, especially near the nose, mouth, and eyebrows. Ouch right? Facial waxing and any waxing in general never leave you without the discomfort and pain. Some waxing clinics even give out analgesics and topical anesthesia after session.

  1. Ingrown hair drama

When hair does not grow the way you want it to, acne-like bumps appear on your face.

Waxing may disrupt the normal growth of hair. This goes the same with shaving. Make sure to soften skin surface with warm cloth right after shaving or waxing to lessen your worries. 

Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool is an amazing alternative to facial waxing!


  • BE HAIR FREE. Unique facial hair removal de-fuzzes the face without much ouch. Easy to use and effective in removing facial hairs on your face especially on the upper lip and chin area. Use it as often as you like at the comfort of your home.
  • SMOOTH SKIN THAT LASTS. Results from spiral threading outlast those from depilatory, shaving, and tweezers. It will pull hair from the roots and won’t grow back. Over time, you will find you use it less and less frequently.
  • FLAWLESS RESULTS GUARANTEED. Just bend the coil into a “U” and twist to remove hair! No waxes or creams needed. And more important, it doesn’t leave permanent skin discoloration on your face just like you get when using hair removal cream for years

  • THE SAFE SOLUTION. Our threading stick doesn’t irritate or damage skin like bleach, depilatories, epilator, trimmers or other beauty devices

  • READY TO TRAVEL. Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect solution for unwanted hair on the go. Inexpensive, safe, fast and effective. This is the best Lipstick in the market. Buy only from Bellesentials for original and authentic beauty tools. Our products always come with 100% money back guarantee! FREE EYEBROW RAZOR. Color: Sky Blue


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