10 Ultimate Self Upgrade Hacks for 2017

1. Start with small things
Baby steps. Small steps will get you far. This may mean anything.
You may be keen on:
– drinking more water
– fixing your cabinet once in a while
– getting yourself a planner
… the list goes on

Baby steps are a proof that small things can change your life drastically. Committing to baby steps means you’ll be ready to commit to bigger changes in the future.

2. Set the mood

Wonder why you seem not to be in the mood for something (anything)? That’s because you’re not inspired. Passion starts with curiosity and exposure to your surroundings. Passionate people take the time to know what they want–or at least know that they’d have to want something.

Setting the mood means coming out there and enjoying the process of (re)discovering things–rediscovering yourself. Even if it means just listening to music, setting the mood gives you so much will power to understand the things you want to do for happiness. Setting the mood may mean doing mundane tasks to realize what you’re into.

3. Treat your planner like your best friend

Yes, you have a planner. But if that were a real person, how will you quantify your relationship with it. Planners are a great way to organize your daily tasks and your LIFE at large. Treat it like your best friend, someone who can tell you how much progress you’ve had in a day.
This will encourage you to write more and dream more with your planner slash “your person.” You will write all the things you need to end 2017 with a bang.

Establishing a connection with your planner will encourage you to plan ahead. A simple planner can lead you to happiness and to an “organized” life.

4. Enjoy the process

“I need to do this. I need to do that.”
No. goal-setting is not stressing over what needs to be accomplished. 2017 and the years to come should highlight “how you even got there.”

Enjoying the process means stepping back and looking at the larger picture. Mistakes, funny moments, sad days, negative and angry situations are all that may come your way this 2017. But just remember to enjoy moments while you manifest your goals. Feel pain, sorrow, happiness, etc. with the assurance that things will be better at the end.
AND, don’t get attached to RESULTS. Don’t limit yourself to what can happen. This is the reason you’re stressing over your goals.
You are not in control of everything, so offer yourself this advice:

“I want this or something better.”
“If I don’t get this, I will get something good for myself next time.”

5. Take time to relax

Relaxation does not always equate to fancy vacations and expensive “stuff” to fill your soul. Simple things like deep breathing, naps, yoga, jogging, baths, and music are ways to relax and evade expenses.

This 2017, try to relax daily. Commit to a 30 minute “me” time. Do this regularly and see your mood and health improve. Do this and your will power and energy levels daily will skyrocket. The trick is to give your mind and body a time to drop everything and PAUSE.

6. Redefine self-love

You tell yourself to “love yourself a bit more,” yet you don’t exactly know how to “love thyself.” Self-love is the ability to accept both your present strengths and weaknesses while acknowledging your desires to grow, mature, and be happy. Loving yourself this 2017 means not letting others (society) toy on your insecurities. 2017 means looking back at what you’ve accomplished and tapping yourself at the back coupled with the warmest and kindest words. This 2017, look forward to your transformations through the years and understand what kind of a person you’ve become.
Self-love should bring you closer to your core. That means staying honest about your mistakes, successes, and desires.

7. Understand your stressors.

Figure out what’s bothering you.
Ask yourself why you’re feeling anxious, angry, and in need of distractions. Be at peace by asking the right questions to decode your uneasiness.

This 2017, take note of all your stressors. You may want to jot them down. Then identify what causes them–what triggers stress (whether it is internal or external). Then launch some action plans to prevent or mitigate these. The trick is to be mindful of all your stressors. Be aware of your feelings and acknowledge moments where stress is getting to you. If taking note of your stressors doesn’t work then toss the pen. Just keep yourself aware of your stressors and the plans you would like to take to address them.

8. Learn how to be alone

No, it’s not the usual lonely times when you feel hopeless.

There’s a value to being alone. When alone, your thoughts are yours. You’re free and you’re able to do things on your own. Keeping a company is good, but too much people around you may leave you clueless of who you are when nobody’s watching.

Letting yourself discover things and live life on your own gives you the space needed to reflect on your identity, desires, and ability to be independent. Learn not to call others for simple favors. Learn not to knock on someone’s door. Learn how to say no to your significant others who offer companionship. Learn how to be comfortable with being alone in your own personal space. Try your hardest to think things through without consulting with someone. Try. Because being alone brings you the kind of joy you deserve.

9. Tell yourself you’re blessed this year

Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecy? Yes, these are fancy terms to remind you to take doses of “positivity.” Use words to predict your future. Assert your right to good results with words. “You’re blessed this year.” Whisper that to yourself. This will emit your desire to stay true to what you say. You will remember that you’re blessed as you encounter some hiccups. And if you don’t remember this mantra, you will next day. The trick is to remind yourself that whatever happens, you can be in control of your blessings and of how you see them–of how many and of how these blessings come to fruition. Remind yourself to stay thankful despite setbacks. This will teach you this 2017 to manage stress and frustrations. Being thankful and anticipating good results will increase¬†your happy hormones this year.

10. Make time for your hobbies

This is a simple trick to stay happy this 2017. Remember, there’s always that one thing you love to do apart from work and all the dramas in life. These are your hobbies. And if you have quite a lot, then there’s so much happiness you can bring to yourself and to others.

But this time, add a little twist. Turn your hobbies to “mood fixers.” Read, dance, sing, do karate, play the piano, bake, or paint all you want whenever you feel down and empty. Find one or many activities to keep yourself intact.

If drama gets to you too much, find time to sing in the corner or draw your feelings. Find time to displace your negative emotions to positive outcomes.

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